With Alaska on fire, literally and figuratively, it’s time to amplify our voices for change.

If you’re an Alaskan with a story to tell about social, economic, indigenous, racial, or environmental justice, On Fire in AK wants to hear from you. Together, we can share each other’s stories, ask hard questions, and cover our own issues and movements.

All media sources have biases and we freely admit ours: we want justice and equality for all people. For all the topics we cover, we aim to also include guides to taking meaningful action as citizens.

Taking submissions at OnFireinAK at gmail dot com or message us on Twitter. Accepting features, interviews, blog posts, book reviews, detailed calls to action, art, photo essays, investigations, and creative writing. All we ask is that you speak to the urgency of this moment for Alaska with as much grace, authenticity, and creativity as you can muster.

Alaska is burning and our voices are needed. What are you waiting for?