I have always thought that Trump is the predictable, inevitable outcome of a broken, unjust, corrupt and unsustainable system. If it wasn’t him, it would have been “President Limbaugh” or some other disgusting bloviator stoking white nationalism and demonizing the poor.

My heart is encouraged to know that Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other progressive warriors recognize this uncomfortable truth and are going full force to take on the very system that produces these mafia-style oligarchs and plutocrats who are nothing but wanna-be dictators. (I should add that there are establishment, corporate, democrats who benefit from and protect the corporate takeover of the party as as well.)

Is winning the nomination and then defeating Trump important? Of course!

But that is only one step towards the higher goal of transforming this country into a system of equality in the law and universal opportunity to pursue health and happiness.

Liberty and freedom are what Americans desire most. But we will never achieve those noble goals if we aren’t brave enough and bold enough to stand together, to raise our voices, to demand justice for all, especially for those who don’t look like us or sound like us.

This movement of common humanity, progress and unconditional compassion, this political revolution, is about fighting the rigged system at its rotten core. We need social justice, racial justice, LGBTQ justice, economic justice, and environmental justice!

How do we do this? We end forever wars and we #TaxTheRich to pay for:

✔ Medicare For All

✔ Tuition-free College Education

✔ Eliminating All College and Medical Debt

✔ The Green New Deal

✔ National Infrastructure Program

✔ Decent Jobs For All

✔ Unionize the Workforce

✔ Higher Minimum Wage

✔ Housing For All

✔ Getting Big Money Out of Politics

This is the platform of Senator Bernie Sanders, and he is the first to say it will take a mass movement to accomplish this ambitious agenda. It won’t be easy, but this is our last chance to save ourselves from the ferocious greed of the 1%. We need you. We can only do it if we all pull together.

Gavin Hudson was born and raised in Metlakatla, Alaska, the southernmost community in the state and Alaska’s only federal Indian reservation. His Tsimshian name is Huk Tgini’itsga Xsgiik which means “Eagle Always Watching Over.” In 2016, Gavin was a Delegate-Alternate for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in 2016.